The Holy Trinity: A Loving Home, A Loving Family – Fr. Mark


Feast Of The Holy Trinity 2018

Fr. Mark Gatto

Preached: May 27, 2018

Imagine the life of some young children in our world, especially in war zones or places of great poverty. Some of them at a young age are left alone, orphans, no parents nor family, homeless. Imagine now one of those children, orphaned and homeless, if someone caring and loving, who has a loving family and beautiful home was to come to them. If that person reaches out to take that child into their home and embraces them as their very own child. How wonderful that would be for that child.

In Baptism, this is what happens to us. God, the Holy Trinity, is not an individual solitary figure, but it is better to see God as a family. The very mystery of God is connection, love, relationship. In the Trinity, God is best seen as a loving home and family. A communion of life and love.

Jesus comes to take us by the hand and invite us to join this loving family and wonderful home, which is God, the Holy Trinity. We, like orphans and homeless, are invited into this wonderful home.  This is why the greatest gift a parent can give to their child is to bring them for baptism, so that this child is received into the loving embrace of the Holy Trinity and enters the path to an eternal home.

The Sign of the Cross. One of the most ancient prayers we have. Each time we make this sign of the cross, we are reminded of our true home in the very heart of God. We make our prayer that prayer of Jesus, Abba. As adopted children we are not alone, we are not homeless, united to Jesus we are held in that loving home which is God the Holy Trinity. Whenever you feel alone, just slowly make that sign of the cross, and imagine yourself being held in that Trinity, which is a family of love.

Baptism, The sign of the cross, each are reminding us of our true home, an eternal home in the heart of God. Like God, Heaven is a mystery beyond our imagination. But, a good image is connected to this vision of the Holy Trinity, as a wonderful loving home.

Imagine you have left home for studies or work to a place far away. After many years living alone in this distant place, you finally return to your home. When you enter that door, it just feels right. This is where I belong, this is my home, this is my family.

Heaven will be something like that. As we enter eternal life in heaven, we will be received by Jesus. Like a beloved child we will be embraced in the mystery of love, the Holy Trinity. We will feel – I am back home, this is where I belong. There will be no desire to go back.

The Trinity reflects the incredible hospitality of God. A God who welcomes all types into their home. You could say that God has an open door policy. Welcomes all and receives them as their very own children. God really wants to receive you. Jesus came to invite us and take us by the hand into this new and wonderful home, a family of love.

So, if we are to be like God then we need to have the same hospitality in our lives.  Do we welcome people or want to keep them out? Are we ready to receive all others as brothers and sisters or do we reject some?

This is a vision of a parish. A parish should in a sense have an open door policy. Ready to welcome and receive and embrace all types. That they feel welcomed and at home in this parish. The Trinity, as a loving family and home, should be the vision of a Catholic parish. This is my hope for this parish.

On this Feast of the Holy Trinity. We are reminded of our Baptism, when Jesus took us by the hand, orphaned and homeless, to enter the home and family of the Trinity. To be adopted as a beloved child and embraced in love. Each time we make that sign of the cross, we are reminded of that true home that is also our eternal home.
Our God, The Holy Trinity, is a beautiful and loving home and family with room for us all.

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