Lenten Mission - Fr. William Trusz

We need you!
St. Catherine of Siena is about to start photography for a new parish photo directory!
This new directory will be a great way to get to know each other and strengthen our community! There’s always someone you don’t know or forget their name! Or someone new!
It’s a great way to welcome new parishioners into our parish!
This album is like a high school year book and it will include our activities and groups history and more!
It is a significant record of our parish at this time! So be a part of our parish HISTORY!
Photographers will be here in the parish in a few weeks starting in April.
EVERYONE gets a free directory from IPC photo, the company making this project available to our parish free of charge.
The sitting is also free!
Portraits are made available to you by the company so it’s a great opportunity to get your loved ones an up to date portrait.