Parish Pandemic Art Experience Project

Pope Francis recently offered Mass for artists. He said that through their capacity for beauty and creativity they can help in this difficult time of the pandemic.
Many people have decided to exercise their creativity during this time to keep themselves active and discover ways to express themselves during this unprecedented time we live in.
Creating art gives us an outlet to express our feelings when we may struggle to express ourselves in words. Children especially like to draw or paint to express hopefulness and caring and even their fears. Being creative can be a way to cope, using our hands and our minds and our imaginations helps us while we function and endure self-isolation. It can also give us a bit of a reprieve from any stress we are experiencing and taking a break from the news.
We are inviting parishioners and friends of all ages to create works of art that express your experience during this time. This could include poems, prayers, drawings, paintings, sculptures, songs or whatever other creative way to share your experience during the pandemic.
We will gather these to keep as a record of this unique time in our history and also for a possible display in a future prayer service of thanksgiving when the pandemic comes to an end.
Let us know if you are creating something by emailing Fr. Mark at