The Catholic Faith Video Series: Your Tough Questions Answered [Video #11]

Question: How do you seek God in your daily life? 
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If you prefer to read, below is Deacon Tom’s Answer:

So, it’s a great question…people say you know God is everywhere, but how do I find God in my daily life, where is the best place to do that? Well, the first thing important is to say that you are seeking Him, so you are finding him is what you are actually doing.

First of all is acknowledging that he’s there, that’s the number one thing. First, we acknowledge that God exists, God is in our lives, and that God wants to have a relationship with us. God cares about us. When you have that, then it makes it easier to know that when I’m seeking, you’re trying to find him. I already have that expectation that he is going to respond. So how do we do that, well there’s quite a number of ways, just to give a few examples today.

The first one would be nature. Nature is a fantastic way if you go for a walk in the park, or I remember once being out in Banff National Park at Lake Louise, the beauty of the mountains, the smell of the trees, you stop and smell and be sensitive, you can feel God’s presence there, you see that awesomeness that creates such a wonderful thing.

Second, people to coming into our lives is another way. You could be at Fortinos shopping, and all of a sudden, a person comes you hadn’t seen in a while. And you know that they need you for some reason, whether it’s just to talk to you or something they need help with…that to me is God’s presence coming forward. God is asking us to respond to them, he’s using us as his hands and feet in the world. God is present in that moment and when we recognize that that God is using us, again we can feel God’s presence in the world today.

The same kind of thing happens if for some reason, you could be at home, you could be at work, wherever you are, the hockey rink, and you’ve got suddenly this, this feeling you’re, you know, some call it a feeling your gut or a feeling, your conscience that, you know I really need to call that person. There’s something’s weighing on my heart. And when that is that’s God putting the Holy Spirit, is pulling your heart to be the presence of that person today.

Or if you have someone, you’re you know you’re feeling a bit down, and all of a sudden someone calls you, or someone knocks on your door and you realize that God is sending him in they’re seeing that person’s face Jesus himself present, coming to you.

The other time of course is in the quiet moments, it could be in prayer or it could be just in quiet meditation, sitting in quietness.  We have that beautiful story in the Bible of Elijah the prophet, and we know that he was seeking God, he wanted to find God. And he went out and he’s standing on the side of the mountain, and, you know, the huge fire came by and God wasn’t there, and the wind came by God wasn’t there, an earthquake came by and God wasn’t there, but in the silent, silent, smallest whisper of the wind that he just barely perceive, he knew that God’s presence was there.

That quiet I think it was with one thing I would recommend that most you can do in these days especially, is not to be so busy, to take some time, whether it’s in the morning, and lunch or coffee break in the car even turn off the radio, turn off the podcast,  that quiet moment where God can speak to your heart, you can feel and hear that presence. That is really one of the best ways to do it is just to take and not an hour or two, but sometimes it’s just three four minutes, that quiet moment where you’re listening, and God can be able to speak.

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