Set The World On Fire Lyrics

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(dedicated to St. Catherine of Siena)
Verse I
You said we should always be
following our God-given destiny
Be who God meant us to be
to love Him and serve humanity
Oh pray that we desire
to set the world on fire!
St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us today
that as a church, we will be one
with burning love to share
Pray that each one of us
will be a spark so bright
Together we will be the light
that sets the world on fire
Verse II
Pray we’ll always speak the truth
In us, may the Spirit bear its fruit
Being bold but never rude
Giving love and mercy as we should
Oh pray that we aspire
to serve with hearts on fire
Mystical Bride of Christ, pray for us
Caregiver of the sick, pray for us
Provider of the poor, pray for us
Preacher of Freedom, pray for us
Preacher of Peace, pray for us
Preacher of Unity, pray for us
Doctor of the Church, pray for us
Patron Saint of Rome, pray for us
Patron Saint of Italy, pray for us
Patron of our Parish, pray for us!