What Does Jesus See?

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32nd Sunday Ordinary Time

Fr. Mark Gatto

Preached: Nov. 7, 2021

What does Jesus see as he looks at our world?  What does Jesus see as he looks at our parish, especially at our Sunday Masses?  What does Jesus see as he looks in your home, at your family?   How does Jesus see things?

Clearly, Jesus had no patience for hypocrisy.  He was not impressed by self important figures going around with their fancy robes.  He did not pay attention or focus on those who were rich.  He saw through all of the false appearances, especially with supposedly religious people who did all they did to receive honour.  The one person he sees and notices is the poor widow.  There were important scribes with long robes, who were greeted by respect, who had the best seats in the synagogues, and were given places of honour.  There were many rich people donating large sums to the Temple treasury.

But, Jesus notices and is impressed by none of them.  Jesus sees the poor widow who dropped in two small coins worth one penny.  Probably no one else even noticed her, did not pay any attention to her at all.  She was invisible to everyone else, but Jesus sees her.

Jesus sees people in a way that is very different than the way we often see people.  Jesus sees and notices those that our world often ignores and does not see.

We are here in this church to celebrate the Eucharist.  We will come forward to receive Holy Communion.  The minister will hold the host and declare, “The body of Christ.”  We will say Amen.  As we receive the body of Christ, we are called to become the body of Christ.  We are sent out to be the living body of Christ in our homes, our places of study, our places of work.

Becoming the body of Christ requires that we see with the eyes of Jesus. Our church, our parish, each one of us, needs to form our eyes to see as Jesus saw.  We need to notice those who are normally ignored, those who are completely forgotten.

We also need to become like the widows in today’s readings.  In the first reading the widow who provides for the Prophet Elijah and the widow that Jesus notices in the Gospel.  Neither one had very much to offer.  But, both gave all that they had to care for others.  Do not worry if you are rich, if you have lots of talent, that you do not have lots to offer.  God sees what we offer from the heart.  When we really give generously for the sake of others, that generosity will be recognized by God.

Jesus sees deeply, beyond surface displays.  Sees what comes from the heart.

We who receive the body of Christ in Holy Communion, need to become the body of Christ.  This includes seeing with the eyes of Jesus.  We need to open our eyes to see as Jesus sees others.  We need to see those that others do not notice.  We need to open our hearts to give generously like the these two widows.  Do not worry if anyone else notices your generosity.  What no one else sees, Jesus does see.  So, we need to go out from here and see with the eyes of Jesus.

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