Love All That Exists

Love All That Exist

31st Sunday In Ordinary Time – Year C

Fr. Mark Gatto

Preached: November 3, 2019

 “Lord, you love all things that exist.”

 Our first reading from the Book of Wisdom, reflects the tender, patient, merciful love of God for all that exists.  Nothing in this universe exists if not willed by God.  Everything in creation is loved by God, the Lord looks upon all with joy.

Therefore, we too are called to love all that exists in this universe.  Love all creation.  Look upon all with a sense of wonder and joy.  This is why as Catholics, science should be seen as a natural connection to our faith.  For in science we use our intellects and reason to explore the universe, to understand more deeply the workings of creation.  Science in its best is rooted in this love of all things that exist.

“Lord, you love all things that exist.”

That means God loves you.  God looks upon you with a sense of wonder and joy.  You are willed by God, the Creator.  Does not depend on what anyone else thinks.

 Zacchaeus, the rich tax collector in today’s Gospel, might have found it difficult to believe that he could be loved by God.  As a tax collector, many in Jericho would have greatly disliked him.  Tax collectors were reviled by the Jews of Jesus’ day because of their perceived greed and collaboration with the Roman occupiers.  Most would not want to socialize with him at all.

But, Zacchaeus makes a great effort just to see this Jesus.  Did something inside of him convince him that maybe this Jesus would see something else in him?  Jesus looks at him and calls him down and invites himself to eat at his home.  Zacchaeus is so happy.  Probably no one else in that town would go to visit him in his home.  In fact, we hear that all who saw it began to grumble that Jesus had gone to eat at the house of a sinner.

Jesus reveals the way that God looks upon us.  With eyes of mercy, with eyes that see deeper, beyond our weaknesses, beyond our shortcomings.  God loves us with a mercy beyond what we can imagine.  God is willing to be with us.  Jesus invites himself into our homes, into our lives.

“Lord, you love all things that exist.”

This means two things for us.

First, that we are to love all things that exist as God does.  We are to love the entire universe, to love all creation, to love all of our fellow human beings.  To love them with the mercy of God, to see them with the eyes of God.

Second, we need to trust that this God loves us, that Jesus invites himself to be in our homes and in our lives.  Let Jesus in, do not feel you are not worthy, do not be afraid to be close to the Lord.

“Lord, you love all things that exist.”

Meditate on these words throughout this week.  Then look upon everything and everyone with the eyes of God.  Turn to Jesus and let him be with you, close to you.  Do not feel you are not worthy.  Like Zacchaeus, do not worry about what others say, be happy that the Lord wants to be with you.

“Lord, you love all things that exist.”

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