There are various ways to support our parish financially.  Below are some of the ways you can give:

Through your OFFERTORY ENVELOPES (both cash and cheques are accepted).

Through your CREDIT CARD. Our church has a Pre-Authorized Payment
Enrollment is easy! You contributions can be transferred electronically through your credit card. We accept Visa or Master card. Click HERE for more information.

You can also PHONE our office at 905-389-2472 (Corpus Christi Site ) or 905- 383-3381 (Our Lady of Lourdes Site) and we will gladly accept your donation via a credit card.

will-lastLEGACY GIVING. There are many ways of planning your charitable donations so that you can optimize the benefits to both the church and yourself, the donor. Many legacy or planned giving options are deferred donations (given at a later time) through a Will and estate. These donations have legal and financial implications that should be discussed with a lawyer or financial planner.

TRIBUTE/MEMORIAL GIVING. You can make a donation in honour of friends in-memorialor family members on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and the holiday season; or in-memoriam donations to remember somebody who has passed away. Please call 905-389-2472 (Corpus Christi Site ) or 905-383-3381(Our Lady of Lourdes Site) to make a tribute or memorial gift. Donation cards are also available in the lobby of the church.

special-event-smallOrganize a SPECIAL EVENT (raffles, spaghetti dinner, dance, etc.) or a SPECIAL PROJECT and give all or part of the proceeds to our Church.

If you prefer to make a DONATION ONLINE, click the button below:

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