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The Mystery And Gift Of Christmas


Christmas 2019

Fr. Mark Gatto

Preached: December 25, 2019

What is God doing?  What is God trying to say to us?

We speak of Jesus as the Word of God.  In Jesus, God wants to speak to humanity.  God wanted to reveal something to us.

What do you think God wanted to say to us in Jesus?  What do you think God was trying to say to us?

This is an incredible mystery and gift.  That the Creator of the Universe, the infinite Spirit, who is God, wants to speak to us human beings.  Jesus is God’s Word spoken to us.

Some things we know about that Word.  First, it was Good News.  In this time of bad news and fake news, what a gift to have God speak to us Good News.  God spoke this word not in a display of overwhelming power, but in weakness, poverty, simplicity.  A helpless baby.

God was revealing the dignity of each human being.  Including the poor, the weak, the outsiders, the sinners, those rejected by so-called good society.

Secondly, this Word is a Word of Mercy.  God did not come to condemn us but to save us and set us free.  So many of us struggle with guilt.  We feel we are not worthy for God.  But, in Jesus, God says something so different.

Recently I had someone come to speak to me in the church.  He had been away from church for a while and felt that he had not lived a good religious life.  He said to me that he was worried about coming to the church because lightning might strike him.

But, the mystery of Christmas is God coming among us, to the outsiders, the so called sinners.  In fact, the powerful, the Pharisees, the Priests, the so called religious elites of the time did not recognize or embrace this Jesus.  It was the poor and the ignored Shepherds who received this Word.

If you consider yourself to be an outsider, not normal, different, a sinner, then that is good, for God in Jesus is speaking directly to you.  My hope at this birth of Jesus is not based on my being a priest, rather it is based precisely on my being a sinner, a human being who struggles.  For the Word of God, the Word spoken to us in Jesus is precisely for us who are sinners, the outsiders.

In Jesus, our God was building a bridge to come over to visit us and speak to us.  In Jesus, our God speaks a word to our hearts.

This Word of God is Good News.  It is a Word of mercy.  In the coming of Jesus, God builds a bridge to reach all of us.  Including those considered outsiders, unimportant, different.  This Word is spoken to each one of you.

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Is The Bible Good News Or Bad News? – Fr. Mark


3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time – Year C

Fr. Mark Gatto

Preached: January 27, 2019

The Bible can be used for good and for bad.  Certainly, in history when used by people in the wrong way, it has been destructive.  It has been used to justify the burning of heretics, the Crusades, slavery, apartheid, homophobia, oppression of native peoples and so on.  All justified by the selective use of Scripture quotes.

The problem is not with the Bible, but with those of us who read the Bible and use it in the wrong way.  That is why it is not enough just to have a Bible or to memorize passages in the Bible.  We need to learn to read the Bible in a way that is thoughtful, intelligent, prayerful.  We need to read the Bible so that it changes us and not us changing the Bible.

So, how did Jesus read the Scriptures?  Jesus would have read what we refer to as the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures.  He would have been immersed in the Scriptures and known them well.

In the Gospel of Luke that we just heard, we see Jesus come into the synagogue and he gets up to read the Scriptures and he is given the scroll from the Prophet Isaiah.  He selects a passage to read.  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.”

Jesus selects a passage that speaks of good news, for the poor, the captives, the blind, the oppressed.  For Jesus, the Scriptures were primarily a source of Good News, calling him to bring healing, mercy,  freedom to all in need.

Then after reading the passage from Isaiah, Jesus says, “This passage is fulfilled in your hearing today.”  For Jesus, the Bible was not just about what God had done in the past.  The Scriptures are meant to change us, to inspire me to live in a new way today.

So, how do we use the Scriptures?  We need to read the Bible in such a way that it changes me and how I live.  When we use the Bible, do we use it to bring life or to condemn, to bring mercy or to judge?  Do we use it for people or against people?  In our reading and use of the Bible, is it Good News or does it become Bad News?

When our reading of the Bible leads us to hate, to prejudice, to condemn, or to reject science, when our reading of the Bible seems to be Bad News rather than Good News, then we need to examine our reading of the Bible.

It is not the Bible that is the problem, but we who read and misuse it.  Always be wary when politicians use the Bible, for often we see them using the Bible for their own purposes, often in a way that is Bad News for certain people.

Fundamentalism is a danger with the Bible because it wants black and white, simple certainty, and so fails to see the complexity and need to use our intelligence.  We need to read the Bible as a spiritual writing that requires reflection and study.

Our response we sung today said, “Your words, Lord, are spirit and life.”  Enter into the Scriptures, read the Bible as a spiritual work that is to bring spirit and life.  Whenever you hear the Bible being used in a way that seems to be Bad News, be very careful about how it is being used.

The Bible can be used for good or for bad.  We need to follow the path of Jesus who read the Scriptures in a way that was Good News.  Read and pray with the Bible in such a way that we are open to the Spirit changing us through these words.

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Grow Up! – Fr. Mark


Feast Of The Ascension 2018

Fr. Mark Gatto

Preached: May 13, 2018

Grow up. Has anyone ever told you that before? Be Mature. Stop waiting for someone else to do something. Grow up. Perhaps a blunt way to explain the meaning of the Feast of the Ascension.

The Ascension is not so much about Jesus going away But about the disciples of Jesus, the early Church, growing up, becoming mature, taking responsibility for the mission of Jesus. They were no longer sitting around waiting for God to do something. It was now up to them. God was going to do something, but through them.

Jesus commissions them to go out and proclaim the Gospel. Gospel means Good News. Good news, not bad news. Sometimes we Christians sound like people of bad news, always complaining about people, about the world, how bad it is. But, we are to proclaim Good News. We do this by how we live and by how we speak.

Proclaim the Gospel, the Good News. Does the way we speak to one another proclaim Good news? Look at the way you speak to your spouse, the way you speak to your children, the way you speak to friends, the way you speak to your co-workers.

Is it Good News, does it bring hope, encouragement. Does it lead to communion or does it tear down, discourage, criticize all the time? Does our language and way of speaking to others build up or tear down? Is it good news or bad news?

Pope Francis in his Message for World Communication Day this year, included a prayer based on the Prayer of St. Francis. It is called Pope Francis’ Prayer for Countering “Fake News” It is about how we speak, how we communicate to others. In our relationships and also relevant to social media today.

You can find this prayer on line. A good prayer for most of us to use even as a reflection on how I am communicating and speaking to others in my life. (find it online)

So, you will all be sent out from here today, Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord.

On this feast of the Ascension, the blunt message we need to hear is:

Grow Up, become mature Christians. Stop sitting around waiting for God to do something. God wants to work through you. Take responsibility for the mission of the church. Do not wait for the Pope, or the priest or some other person to do this. Do not wait for God to do something.

Go and proclaim Good news. And in particular bring Good news by the way you speak to others, at home, at school, at work, on social media. By your words bring communion, build up and not tear down, bring goodness.

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Change – Fr. Mark


Third Sunday In Ordinary Time – Year B

Fr. Mark Gatto

Preached: Jan 21, 2018

Story of an elderly married couple. They had been married for 40 years. Every evening during their marriage they would sit and watch tv. Each of them sat in exactly the same two seats. Then one evening the husband turned to his wife and said, let’s change tonight, let’s do something really different. The wife was really excited imagining a night out on the town. Then the husband said, let’s change our seats. Sometimes I think a radical change in our church would be just to ask each of you to change your seat!

Change, something we do not like very much. We get very comfortable and want to keep everything the same. We were always this way so we do not want to bother trying to change how we are.

But Jesus, the very first message he preaches in Mark’s Gospel, Repent. Change. He is calling us to change. To turn around. To see things in a new way. The need to repent, to change, is necessary to embrace the Kingdom of God. Someone once said that a Saint is someone who has changed often. We as individual followers of Jesus and we as the Church need to be open and ready to repent, to change.

The prophet Jonah in our First Reading is sent by God to the great city of Nineveh, one of the great cities of the world at that time. He is to call them to repent, to change their way of life. The surprising thing is that they actually listen. The people of Nineveh repent, they see that their way of life was wrong and that they need to change.

The problem for us is that we do not like to change, we like to keep things the same, we get comfortable and it is easier to not change anything. Sometimes we feel that it is not possible for me to change. We get stuck or trapped in our old ways of living, old ways of behaving. That is the way I have always been, I cannot change.

Jesus says Repent and believe the Good News. Repentance and believing the Good News go together. The Good News is the salvation offered freely by God. The forgiveness of sins through the unconditional love, the gracious mercy of God. You do not need to remain stuck in your past, do not need to be remain trapped in your past sins, your past failings, your past bad decisions. A new future is possible. Change is possible.

Pope Francis is on a journey to Chile and Peru. Facing the issue of clergy sex abuse there. See the call for the church as a whole to repent, to face its failings and be ready to change.

There was one visit that I found very moving. The Pope went to visit a woman’s prison. For these women it was a wonderful joyful visit by the Pope to be remembered. They spoke about the mistakes they had made in their life to end up in prison. But, they felt hope that they could change, that they could have a new future. In the Pope they experienced God’s love, the Church’s care. They were believing that they could repent, that they could still have a new future in God’s grace.

Repent and Believe the Good News. Yes, you can change. You do not need to remain stuck in your past sins, your past mistakes, your past failings.

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