The Catholic Faith Video Series: Your Tough Questions Answered [Video #7]

Question: Why is faith an important aspect of our religion, why is it important to have faith?
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If you prefer to read, below is Deacon Robin’s Answer:

This is an excellent question and I’m going to answer it by giving an example from our everyday experience of faith and seeing why it’s important.

First, let’s look at something simple that’s part of our everyday. For example, when we enter our homes, we all have a certain level of trust that our home is well built. We probably don’t know who exactly built it or what the exact materials they used are, but we trust that our floor won’t collapse and our roof won’t cave in on us.  We have a certain level of faith in the builders, architects, engineers and in the building codes that our house is well built. This is a certain type of faith that we have even though we don’t really think about it much since it’s pretty impersonal.

But let’s make it more personal by another example. We all have certain people that we trust and have faith in. We can look at our parents or close friends and we know that we can have faith in them because of our experience of them, through the years, has shown us that they love us. And because we know they love us, we can believe them; we can trust in them and have faith that they will come through for us. It’s this relationship that we have with them that allows us to trust them.

And when it comes to God it’s similar. We know that God has always loved us and God has communicated His love to us through all of history beginning with creation, Adam and Eve and, most importantly, though Jesus’ death and resurrection; and God continues to come to us and communicate his love for us. This relationship allows us to have faith. And we need to have faith, but it doesn’t mean that we have to turn our logical brains off. To be honest, true faith in God cannot be separated from logic and reason. What we believe must be rational and the more we learn about our faith, the easier it is to have faith in God.

Lastly, I would say that faith is something we must actively want to have. It means that faith is an act of the will but it’s also a gift that God gives us and God wants to give this gift because it’s through faith that we encounter the living God, who is personal and wants to speak to you and lead you.  So faith really is necessary and is very powerful because it can give meaning to our lives, show us our purpose; it can be so easy to let fear and stress rule our lives but that’s why it’s important to have faith because it’s through out faith in God’s presence and love for us that we remain in contact with God who loves us.

Thank you for listening in to this Question and Answer series.  If you have follow up questions to this answer or have other questions send them in to us.

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