Do You Have Questions About The Catholic Faith?

St. Augustine spoke of  “Faith Seeking Understanding.”  We will be providing a new question and answer series entitled “The Catholic Faith Video Series: Your Tough Questions Answered”.

You are invited to send in your questions about the Catholic Faith.  It can include questions about doctrine and teachings, moral issues, the sacraments, marriage, funerals, social teachings of the Church, Catholics and other religions, traditions and customs, the Bible, prayer, etc.

We will select a question and prepare a video response that will be sent out to our email community and placed on our parish web site.  Hopefully, it will be a way to encourage conversation and for all of us to deepen knowledge of our Catholic Faith.

Questions may be sent to us by email, mail, phone or dropped off through office mail slot.

Below are the questions asked by our parishioners:

Catholic Faith Q & A

1. Q – Could you please explain the most acceptable method of Funeral Mass and Christian burial when the deceased is cremated. Should the funeral mass be held prior to cremation? Click HERE for ANSWER.
2. Q – How does a person return to our Roman Catholic church after not attending for a couple of years? Especially during Covid. Click HERE for ANSWER.
3. Q – One of the things that I find difficult to understand and somewhat disturbing, is one of the last words that Christ spoke on the cross, “My God my God why have you forsaken me?”   This sounds like despair. I understood to despair is to sin. If Christ who was without sin felt forsaken by God, how are we to feel?  Please help me to understand this. Click HERE for ANSWER.
4. Q – What is the best way for us to practice our faith? Especially, during the pandemic.  Click HERE for ANSWER.
5. Q – My daughter’s boyfriend is Christian, he is not catholic, can they still marry in the Catholic Church? Click HERE for ANSWER.
6. Q – Why do we pray for the dead? Click HERE for ANSWER.
7. Q – Why is faith an important aspect of our religion, why is it important to have faith? Click HERE for ANSWER.
8. Q – I’m wondering if a child can be baptized into the Catholic faith if neither of the parents are Catholic.  In fact the mother is a mostly non-practising  Hindu and the father has never been baptized into any religion.  I am the father’s step-mother and I am a practicing Catholic.  The parents would like the child to be baptized Catholic but have no intention of becoming Catholics themselves so their hope is that I would help with the child’s religious life.  Click HERE for ANSWER.
9. Q – How do biblical texts apply to modern society? Click HERE for ANSWER.
10. Q – Why doesn’t god ever show himself?  How can you have faith in someone you have not seen or met?  How do people put blind faith/trust in people that they don’t know well?  Click HERE for ANSWER.
11. Q – How do you seek God in your daily life?  Click HERE for ANSWER.
12. Q – Why does God allow bad things to happen in life?  Click HERE for ANSWER.
13. Q – Was Christianity practiced differently in the past than it is now?  Click HERE for ANSWER.
14. Q – Are there sections of the Bible which are supposed to be taken literally? If so, what are the names of those sections?  Click HERE for ANSWER.
15. Q – How many branches of Christianity are there? How come there are different branches of Christianity, what do they agree and differ with that made them branch off?   Click HERE for ANSWER.
16. Q –  Why are there so many different types of Bible and which one is real or close to the copy of the real one? Click HERE for ANSWER.
17. Q – How can you ask God for assistance in your daily life? Click HERE for ANSWER.
18. Q – Do all Christians go to heaven? Click HERE for ANSWER.
19.  Q – Why do some people dedicate their whole life to believe and teach about their religion? Click HERE for ANSWER.